Custom vs Template Website

Should I Go Custom or Template?

Does it make sense to invest in a heavily branded site with advanced functionality and a unique experience, or do you need a basic template with minimal customization? You may fall somewhere in between.

Answer these questions below and we’ll give you our best recommendation on which option to pursue.

Choose all that apply.

  • My expectations for brand presentation are high
  • My project requires advanced and/or specific functionality
  • I want the freedom to break from my agency, platform or hosting company in the future
  • I want the ability to own the product and move it or manipulate it in the future
  • I'm willing to pay a premium for quality, attention and support
  • I have a tight budget (let’s use $20,000 or less as a round number)
  • I require a good deal of customization on the back end / CMS
  • I need a live website within 2 months
  • I just want a site that works
  • My goal is a truly unique experience
  • I don’t mind paying a small licensing or usage fee on a monthly basis after the site launches
  • I want the ability to push the limits with innovative visual design
  • I don’t have an in house IT or development team
  • I don’t want to deal with templates or the restrictions they impose
  • I understand there may be limitations as we grow and that doesn’t bother me

How flexible does the site need to be?

On the sliding scale below the far left means minimal customization and the far right means extensive customization is required.

I need to look clean and professional, but I don't have unique or challenging design needs.
Brand and design are important to us, but our customers don't always appreciate or notice that type of thing.
We focus a lot on our brand and achieving the "cool factor." We need the latest web and design trends so that our customers know we're current and relevant.

What is your yearly revenue?

On the sliding scale below estimate your yearly revenue.


How much specific or advanced functionality do you need?

Do you need a brochure site? Is it e-commerce? Are there complex intranet systems to integrate with?

I'm a non-web-based business, and I need to be well represented but don't need any specific or advanced functionality.
I have a non-web-based business but plan to do a lot of digital marketing and analysis, and my website needs to work for me to help sell.
My business or idea is a web product. My customers interact and purchase solely through the web.